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The electric water heater specialist in Greater Montreal:water heater installtion montreal

  • Water heater repair
  • Replacement of emergency water heater
  • Water heater maintenance
  • Sale of electric water heaters or gas
  • water heaters Water heater installation


Water Heater Free Estimate:

Water Heater Experts in Montreal and Laval, South Shore, North Shore. Contact us if you need help with your hot water tank or for an emergency repair. A technician will come to your home within 48 hours of the call, for a free quotation.


Water Heater Repair:

We offer you the repair service for your water heater as well as a better guarantee for your water heater. Our experienced plumbers are located throughout Greater Montreal. They move as early as possible in case of emergency or even if needed for an estimate, repair or installation.


Water Heater Installation:

We offer the turnkey installation of water heater: delivery, installation, and connection of the new tank as well as the removal and collection of the old tank for all models of electric water heaters or gas water heaters.

The replacement or installation of a water heater is easy but must meet the requirements of the Quebec Plumbing Code. This is the reason why the help of a professional is recommended by the water heater distributors.

Everywhere in Greater Montreal, we work at home to install or repair water heaters.

To make the right connections on a water heater, call a specialist now! Contact us for advice or a quote for installing a water heater.


Water Heater Replacement:

We also Offer water heater replacement services for your home or business, let one of our specialists take care of your water heater installation to your complete satisfaction.


The largest selection of water heaters from professional and economical brands:

Giant, Rheem, John Wood, GSW, A.O Smith, etc.

Guarantee of 6 years, 8 years, 9 years, 10 years or life.


The purchase of your water heater:

To make an estimate for a replacement of a water heater or simply to know the price or price for the purchase, financing or rental of a water heater, call us now. Specialized in plumbing for over 10 years, we will advise you for brands and models and to get a great price for your water heater.


Electric water heater or gas water heater:

Our company is comfortable with all types of water heater: electric water heater, gas water heater, propane water heater, etc.

We offer the installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial water heaters and water heaters “upscale”.


Types of water heater:

40 gal electric water heater – 60 gal electric water heater – 75 gal electric water heater – 100 electric water heater

105 gal electric water heater – 200 gal electric water heater – 300 gal electric water heater – 40 gal gas water heater – ecopeak water heater

Water heater 50 gal to gas – Water heater 60 gal to gas – Water heater 75 gal to gas – Water heater 100 gal to gas – Water heater 105 gal to gas

200 gal gas water heater – 300 gal gas water heater