What are the main reasons your water heater is leaking

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Water heating units are among those amazing innovations that add extraordinary comfort to our everyday lives. When they are working effectively, homeowners don’t give them another thought. So what to do if you end up with poor pressure or even a cold stream of water in your early morning shower? It could be a leak—start by searching for water around the water tank and try to figure out the source.


Problem with the Drain Valve:

Probably the most typical causes of a water heating unit to leak is a loosened drain valve. The drain valve can slowly leak water when it becomes loose. It is simple to prevent a leaking drain valve by securing it up with a wrench. Be careful to be sure not to overtighten the tube valve. Tighten it until it is tight, but you should not force it.


An Excessive Amount of Pressure:

An additional typical reason for a water heating unit to start leaking is once the water tank accumulates too much stress inside. When this occurs, the extra pressure is going to force the water to drip out of the water tank to decrease the pressure. This most typically occurs mainly because the temperature on the warm water heater is set very high.

One more thing that can result in excess water stress is if the external water supply to a house is supplied in at too high a pressure. A faulty temperature-pressure relief valve may also result in a surplus buildup of stress in a hot water heating system.


Worn-out Water tank:

Hot water heating units are made to survive for several years. As some may approach the end of their life cycles, rusting as well as corrosion begin to take their toll. Whenever the rust gets bad enough, it could begin to allow the water from the water tank to seep out. When this occurs, it is a clear signal that the hot water heating unit must be changed. Failing to do so will ultimately result in a total failure of the water tank which will result in terrible flooding in the house.



Occasionally the hot water heating unit will trick property owners into contemplating there is a seepage when there is in reality nothing wrong. It is normal for condensation to happen on a hot water heating unit. When chilly water initially enters the interior of the tank, it could result in condensation while the outside air is warm. This is not such a major problem. Property owners may easily wipe down the hot water heating unit without being concerned about the condensation resulting in a serious problem.

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